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By Eric Hart


People who are fans of Dave Ramsey understand the humor of our book and understand why we wrote it.  To not just give people a laugh about the way things could have been had they not followed some common sense thinking and got their spending under control,but also as a means to share with others that road they could end up on if they continue to spend like congress.

Many like minded people have the same type of goals we do, that is to help others once they are in the position to do so.  When you don’t have debt hanging over your head, it makes it a lot easier to do.

I was fortunate enough to find one such person while twittering around on twitter and they told me about their web site I took a look because its in my nature to do so and wanted to learn more so, I asked the owner of the web site to do a Q and A with me.  Here are the questions I asked and here are his responses.

Thank you for the opportunity to answer questions about my site,! I am proud to be a part of the solution to the economic mess that we are in today.

Q. Why did you create
A. I created because the people that suffer the most are currently our local business owners who work harder than anyone in the public sector. One person can be the sales manager and the bathroom janitor at the same time. I love to help people that can help themselves, and our neighbors that own their own businesses are the hardest working people that we know. JTL is an attempt to help these people in any way that we can, and we are proud to do it.

Q. What is the purpose
A. JTL is a way for our small business owners to get visibility in the market. The internet and social networks are the best way for these small businesses to get their name out there, and we are the ultimate solution for this. JTL’s ultimate goal is to give our local business owners hope and security that there name will be out there, and we are excited to be a part of their success!

Q. Can you Really help any business get better visibility?
A. We can absolutely help our clients get visibility. Your name being out there on more websites other than your own creates visibility instantly!

Q. How do you accomplish this?
A. JTL will be focused on advertising their name and also throwing their clients in on the mix.. that achieves our goal!! Once we get our name out there.. your name will be out there and that is what we are trying to achieve.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. At this moment in time, JTL does not cost a penny. We are all about HELPING our local businesses, and we want to make sure that our website is well known before we actually start gaining any type of benefit from it. Once we do have our name out there and multiple customers have positive feedback, we will begin to think about making money from the site. However, JTL is committed to keeping the benefits greater than the cost. We want to be the lowest cost and most effective solution to advertising, which has never been seen before.

Q. What kind of results can a business expect?
A. Our clients can expect amazing results. Right now the website is in the pre-stages, but we expect to grow extremely fast. All we want right now is people that can check out our site, leave us a comment about their business, and be on their way. Once we gather all the information we will be able to continue with the growth. In the tough times we are in today, any results are worth the cost… and with no cost, why would you not try us out!?!?

Q. Is your web site already launched? How do I find a local business on it?
A. The web site is technically not launched. If you visit our site you will be directed to a page that gives you information about our company as well as our goals and expectations. Please visit the site and let us know what type of client you would be to us. If you are local business owner, tell us about your company, the products or services you sell, and what you expect from JTL. If you are a consumer, tell us that you would love to have an online marketplace to make choices about the things you purchase. All we are trying to do is help, so we need support from everyone!

Q. Finally, you say on your web site that you are all about giving back to the local communities. How do you accomplish this?
A. We are all about giving back to the community at Right now just our business model shows proof as to how we give back… we are committed to helping local businesses! The website is also dedicated to charities. We want to be able to help our local charities to get there name out there and they will never pay a subscription fee for the site. Our website is dedicated to community service and is willing to donate that service to the local charities. Right now we offer our service for free for everyone, however, once JTL is profitable, we will donate part of our profits to the local charities that our signed up for the site. How could you not love us?

I appreciate the interest in our site, and if anyone would like more information it is available on our website at Request info from us and we will be happy to answer any questions. If I could give any advice to those reading it would be to remember to always work hard and support the hard working folks that are in our community that need support! Thank you and God bless you all.

So there you have it folks. If you are a small business owner and want to get more exposure for your company, please visit



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